Relieve pain and inflammation, support healing, restore balance.

“I finally tried acupuncture. Nothing has worked as well to alleviate my pain levels. Thomas has a way of sensing where the pain is radiating from and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him! (And the needles really don’t hurt.)”

– Janet W. Portland, Oregon


I have close to 30 years experience as an acupuncturist. This involves work both in public health and integrative medicine clinics working with MDs, NPs, NDs and other health professionals.
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Partnership and support for you in your healing process, collaboration with other healthcare professionals, and affordability are central to my healthcare practice. 

I always strive to use simple, clear contemporary medical language when communicating with you and your healthcare providers. 

Appointments and Inquiries:

Email – [email protected]

Text – 503-784-7021